Cadel Lettering

Cadel Lettering

The Inspiration for this letter came from Giambiattista Palatino’s alphabet made in 1540. My letter looks similar to his. As you can see from my examples, I fell in love with this letter.

Cadel letters are made from patterns.

A true cadel is a design that can be traced completely from beginning to end without retracing any part and the entire pattern can be made without lifting the pen from the paper.

A false cadel is made up of 2 or more unconnected strokes. Both types of cadels make very attractive letters. Oftentimes both true and false cadels are used to create a letter.

The Letter E was lettered with Ziller Soot Black Ink using a 1.5 Mitchell pen nib. The finishing strokes were made with a Zebra nib.

To learn this letter, you can copy the outline shape onto a sheet of paper and use a broad pen nib that gives the same heaviness as the nib that I used. This is because the letter that you are making may be larger or small than the one lettered. Follow the steps below to create the E.