Glossy Black Powder

The Ziller Classic Glossy Black Ink Powder was originally called Elegant Glossy Black Ink Powder. The earliest record we have of the ink being sold is in 1898 in the Penman’s Art Journal ads.
The ink was formulated specifically for steel dip pens to achieve a fine hairline and a thick glossy broad stroke.
FW Tamblyn and Stephen Ziller included this ink in the self-study calligraphy kits that they sold starting in 1895 through the 1950’s.
In 1998, we were unable to obtain the ingredients in reasonable quantities at reasonable prices so that it would be affordable for the penmen. Now after more than 10 years, penmen keep asking if we can bring back the old formula. So, we checked the pricing again and found that the ingredients have become available at a more reasonable price. We are now reintroducing the Ziller Classic Glossy Black Ink powder to penmen and calligraphers.
This formula makes an unique medium for invitations of all types.
Classic Glossy Black is also very suitable for offhand flourishing and signature writing.
The powder comes in a one ounce plastic jar. Just add boiling water to the first ring on the wall of the jar and stir. Don’t shake – just stir. It will take a little time to dissolve. Stir before every use. If the ink is too thick – just add some distilled water.
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