Ziller’s Ink 32 Colors for Endless Possibilities



Created by Artists for Inspired Minds

Ziller Inks are perfect for steel pointed nibs, broad edge pens and brushes. They are a multi-faceted medium for wherever your imagination takes you.. View all colors here! 

  • Lightfast* – because you want your legacy to last
  • Pigmented – using pigments ground to sub-micron size for best flow and color effect
  • Ph Balanced – for archival stability
  • Waterproof – using an acrylic co-polymer formula to allow unique color design and give you an edge over the elements.
  • Gives fine hairlines and solid broad lines that are consistent in color
  • Pre-mixed for your convenience
  • Bottled in a wide-mouth jar for easy dipping
  • Flows well from both pointed and broad edged pens
  • Creates similar looks of gouaches
  • Water soluble, just dilute with distilled water
  • Easy to clean up with Ziller’s pen cleaner
  • Conforms to the “non toxic’ ASTM D-4236 labeling requirements and the “no heavy metals” European EN-71-3 Standards

*Neon Colors have limited lightfastness in full sun exposure (Aqua Blue Green, Azure Blue, Daffodil Yellow, Flamingo Pink, Lagoon Blue, Meadow Green and Nasturtium Orange)

Mixing Different Shades of Ziller Ink

Ziller Ink is a high-quality, concentrated product that can help you create smooth lines and beautiful calligraphy. With over 30 colors available, and more on the way, our color options have greatly increased since of days of black and white. But sometimes even 30 colors aren’t quite enough, so it is helpful to learn how to mix the ink. When you know how to mix standard colors, you can create a palate of endless colors. This is good for broad pen lettering, Spencerian, and copperplate lettering. For small quantities, we recommend using an eye dropper and a small container or color palette to blend the colors or to add water to thin the color.


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Happy Mother’s Day thanks for @michiko.craft for posting

Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day better than more lockdown restrictions and therefore the joy being sucked out of your soul for you and your children.
I mean...
To my beautiful mom, and all the mothers out there. I see you.
I admire you for the bajillion hats you wear. And for being able to get stains out of the things I thought I had for sure ruined.
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Happy Easter to everyone! Thanks for @bethhuntcalligraphy for posting with @get_repost
Please be seated 🌸 Easter is just one day away! My green ink by @zillerinks was the perfect match for this table designed by my talented friend @misslagniappe. I used their lavender ink in yesterday’s reel, too! PS check my stories today for clues on Monday’s big announcement 🎉 Photo @whitestudiocreative

Happy Valentine’s Day! Work from our masterpenman @vivian_mungall ...

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Where words fail, Music speaks.
- Andersen -
with @zillerinks

Happy Halloween from ziller’s team we wish you all safe and sound. Thanks to @calligra_philly for posting with @get_repost
Another view of the snail mail for our favorite Sanderson Sisters, accessorized with some baby pumpkins and a (real) Victorian-era antique monkey skull for good Halloween measure. ⁣

It’s easy to decorate for the holiday when your house is already full of skulls (you can thank my husband for that decor decision 🙃). ⁣

⁣Ink: @zillerinks Winter Sky Grey ⁣
Nib: @speedball_art Hunt 22 ⁣
Monkey skull: @obscuraantiques

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Here is our latest book, Cadels how to manual by @vivian_mungall beautiful photos and history. Stay safe #cadels #calligraphyink #calligraphysupplies #calligraphy #calligraphyvideo ...

We hope all is well where ever your are during this difficult time. Here is a creation of our own @vivian_mungall @zillerinks #calligraphy #drawing #cadels #animaldrawing ...

Beautiful name ready to be framed for the birth of a newly added family member. Done in our studio by @vivian_mungall #zillerink #Ziller inks #calligraphy ...

We truly hope you and your family are safe and healthy during this difficult time. Please stay safe, stay home and ink. Thanks for @jennilynft for posting with @get_repost
Just need a reason to break out my pen and some pretty ink 😊

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Yes it’s almost Valentine’s Day, hope you all have a fantastic week. Thanks for @aantoniocalligraphy for posting with @get_repost
Placecards are ready for my class on Saturday! Can't wait! 💓 I can still accept one more student if you're interested!
Thank you so much to @fiore_di_papels_essenziali for these gorgeous and dainty paper flowers that I used as placecard holders 😍😍😍 Ink is from @zillerinks and cardstock is from @michaelsstores
Have a great day!! 😊

Thanks to Street artist @gris030.de for trying #zillerinks at creative world 2020 ...

#creativeworld2020 @pascribe thanks for the demo ...

#creativeworld2020 ...

Visiting #creativeworld2020 in Frankfurt this year. We will pot random photos in the next few days just to showcase the show. Thanks ...

May your new year be blessed with Peace, Love and Joy. Sending you our heartfelt wishes with joy that never ends. From @zillerinks wishing you a very happy new year. Thanks for @_sacalligraphy for posting [email protected]_repost
Happy New Year’s Eve from me and these menus for @elizabethcavila’s dinner party tonight! How good does this menu look?! Reflecting on a 2019 full of creativity and supportive friends/family, and looking forward to many exciting projects in the year ahead. And maybe in 2020 I’ll get better at actually posting them on Instagram 🤔🥂
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Two weeks to Christmas Eve, we hope December will be a fantastic months for all of you. Thanks for @wednesdayswelldesign for posting this awesome work with @get_repost
When you're gifting your friend a gift card to visit their favourite massage therapist for Christmas! Oh yes, extra emphasis on the comfort! ⁣

Paper: Rhodia Ivory ⁣
Pen: @luis.creations moblique⁣
Nib: Hunt 101⁣
Ink: @zillerinks Red and Green⁣
Marker: Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pen in Warm Grey III⁣
Colored Pencil: Prismacolor Premier

Testimonial Testimonial

Thank you for the great service and supplies. The Glossy Black saved my life Cathy Ledeker | Lawrence, KS The Vintage Hand