Ziller’s Ink 32 Colors for Endless Possibilities



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Ziller Inks are perfect for steel pointed nibs, broad edge pens and brushes. They are a multi-faceted medium for wherever your imagination takes you.. View all colors here! 

  • Lightfast – because you want your legacy to last
  • Pigmented – using pigments ground to sub-micron size for best flow and color effect
  • Ph Balanced – for archival stability
  • Waterproof – using an acrylic co-polymer formula to allow unique color design and give you an edge over the elements.
  • Gives fine hairlines and solid broad lines that are consistent in color
  • Pre-mixed for your convenience
  • Bottled in a wide-mouth jar for easy dipping
  • Flows well from both pointed and broad edged pens
  • Creates similar looks of gouaches
  • Water soluble, just dilute with distilled water
  • Easy to clean up with ziller’s pen cleaner
  • Conforms to the “non toxic’ ASTM D-4236 labeling requirements and the “no heavy metals” European EN-71-3 Standards

Glossy Black Ink Powder

Ziller’s Classic Glossy Black Ink Powder was originally sold in the Penman’s Art Journal ads, as far back as the 1890’s. The ink was formulated specifically for steel dip pens to achieve a fine hairline and a thick glossy broad stroke. Ziller’s founders, FW Tamblyn and Stephen Ziller, included this ink in the self-study calligraphy kits that they sold starting in 1895 through the 1950’s. Although this ink was retired in 1998, it is now back by popular demand! We are now reintroducing the Ziller Classic Glossy Black Ink powder to penmen and calligraphers. This formula makes a unique medium for ink-based artwork of all types.

Classic Glossy Black Ink Powder is also very suitable for off-hand flourishing and signature writing. The powder comes in a one-ounce plastic jar. Just add boiling water to the first ring on the wall of the jar and stir. Don’t shake – just stir. It will take a little time to dissolve. Stir before every use. If the ink is too thick – just add some distilled water.

Mixing Different Shades of Ziller Ink

Ziller Ink is a high-quality, concentrated product that can help you create smooth lines and beautiful calligraphy. With over 20 colors available, and more on the way, our color options have greatly increased since of days of black and white. But sometimes even 20 colors aren’t quite enough, so it is helpful to learn how to mix the ink. When you know how to mix standard colors, you can create a palate of endless colors. This is good for broad pen lettering, Spencerian, and copperplate lettering. For small quantities, we recommend using an eye dropper and a small container or color palette to blend the colors or to add water to thin the color.


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Thank you for the great service and supplies. The Glossy Black saved my life Cathy Ledeker | Lawrence, KS The Vintage Hand