Oblique Pen Holder

How to adjust your
oblique pen holder


It’s preferable to have an oblique pen holder for each type of nib used. This way you do not need to constantly adjust your holder; each holder will already have the perfect fit to get the best lettering from each type of nib and you will save valuable time.

Adjusting your penholder can seem like a difficult task, so we are going to give you a few steps on how to make it easier.

First of all, the metal attachment (also referred to as the flange) on your holder should hold the nib just tight enough to keep it from falling out. If it is held too tight, it will bend the nib and cause it to be out of alignment.


If you accidentally dip the flange in ink, be sure to thoroughly cleanse the flange before the ink dries by dipping the flange inside Ziller pen cleaner. Dry ink will spring your pen point out of shape.

To fit a different size nib, you will have to adjust your flange each time you change your nib. First, slide the desired nib inside the flange. Then, with a pair of needle-nose pliers, bend each side of the flange to round it and fit the nib.

Please refer to the instructions in the below PDF to make sure your pen is correctly adjusted.


Click here to download PDF version