Laminated Plaques

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We can create a laminated wood plaque for practically any flat material up to 1/8″ thickness, in print sizes up to 20″ x 25″ made of paper, cloth, parchment, sheepskin, or newsprint. This includes diplomas, award certificates, photographs, news clippings, professional licenses, drawings, watercolor artwork, and parchment documents.

Our process enhances, preserves and protects fine papers including sheepskin and parchment. Many diplomas and documents are printed on “college parch.” We can laminate “college parch.”

Your handmade custom plaque will seal your paper keepsake from the effects of: Air, Humidity and Dust.

The plaques are 5/8″ thick, hand sanded, wood based with a hard hand polished plastic cover.

Your have a choice of 4 wood finishes and 10 border colors.

Four edge and trim colors.

Choose glossy or textured (non-glare) finish.

The hand routed beveled edge can be either straight or scalloped.

The stained and sanded back of the plaque comes with either a ready-to-hang cord or optional suede easel which is an additional $8.00. You can choose both.

We guarantee the craftsmanship and integrity of our products

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